My final visit to my cooperating teacher! But it is certainly not my final visit to a school.  After this semester I realized that I have a long way to go in a new world of education and excitement for my future. I have learned with all of these great visits, how important is to “feel the experience” of education in order to understand the career I want to excel. Personally, I always knew that I love to share my knowledge and experience with others to help them improve or reach their goals. However, professionally I never knew how wonderful, exiting, difficult and organized the education field could be.  Seeing my cooperating teachers “in action” was amazing to me, because I was able to see how the process of education starts from day one. I learned from Mrs. S. that your students “earn your respect” and then you will allowed them to be part of a great school year. With Miss M. I learned that kids could be more intimidating if you don’t know how to control your class since the beginning of the year; but most importantly that you make your classroom rules for a reason; “to have your students follow them”  

When I started this semester, my goal was to become a high school teacher. I knew that working at a high school level was going to make me to feel happy and exited about becoming a teacher. Although, after I entered into a middle school, I realized that this “unknown” world was as incredible and full of experience as a high school could be. I learned during my field the experience that kids at any age can spark your day with the most amazing questions, but at the same time they can make you feel that you are not providing the necessary tools for them to excel in their learning process. Although, now I know that only experience, dedication and practice can help you to create more great memories and rich experiences for your students.

What I am more amazed about this whole experience is that I though I was going to help students to learn during my hours at the school; but instead, I learned, I learned and I learned. There was so much to learn during this experience that I can end this post next year if I mention everything. But just to mention a few, I learned that everything I was thought during this semester with Professor P. and last semester with Professor S. was put in practice in every classroom I visited. I experienced seeing talented kids, kids with special needs in an inclusion class; I experience special Ed. helping in a teacher’s classroom.  I experience seeing the “classroom rules” to be used, I learned the use of a smart board, I was able to experience so much technology in a classroom that I never thought could be possible because I was in a low income area. I learned that I would never end my learning experience because kids always thought me something new. I learned that no matter how much I knew there was always an opportunity for me to learn something... even as an educator! 

As I always say:  “I will not change anything from my experience this semester because every experience in life has made me the person I am today. I will analyze every single aspect of all of my experiences in order to learn from them, and I will use my knowledge and experience to help others when they need someone to guide them" 

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