Visiting the High school for me was like a new world compared to the school I went to when I was a kid. I could not be more amazed by the great technology sources the students had for their knowledge and learning experience.  The classroom I had to observe earned a grant this year to obtain ipads for all the students at this high school. All of the school’s classrooms have become paperless and there were not notebooks at all and students had to do all of their assignments in their ipads and any communication with the teacher is by email.

     All of the students use their ipads and the teacher also uses her own mac computer in order to present and prepare any class. Students and the teacher seem to be very adapted to the new use of technology as I can appreciate that they all always listen to the teacher as she provides instructions and none of the students have questions on how to do research or navigate the school’s website.

     While I had to observe a few classes I was able to notice how great technology was use when they needed to do a research at the library regarding the Elizabethan era. Students were able to take pictures of pages they wanted to refer back once they were typing their essays, they were able to look up information on their ipads to compare notes and information and be ready to type their essays.

     I loved the use of an interacting boards and all the technology used by students and teacher. I believe this provide a great experience for students to be prepare for the “outside” world they eventually will have to face once they are out of school. With the inclusion of technology at schools many great things can be accomplished such as having students from different economic levels at the same level of knowledge regarding technology. This provides students the ability to be exposed to things that are hard to “reach” because of their parents’ economic status; and this will help them to be able to take over a job where technology use is necessary.

     Also In my opinion there were also some cons that can come with technology used in the classroom. One of the down points I found in the classroom was the long time kids spend in the Internet and not talking or interacting with their classmates. This eliminates social interaction and I feel this is causing a lack of social skills. I would like for classrooms to be a little noisier as I remember during the time I was in high school. Once I become a teacher I will encourage and will have in my classroom plenty of team work and group interaction using the technology because I believe that anything new is always for our good but it needs to be mixed with the great system we already have in place. 


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