As part of my assignments from my class Field Experience, I had to observe one high school class for five weeks. I was assigned to observe an English class at one of the high schools where my sister graduated a few years ago.  My family and I had bad experiences and memories from this school and the perception and the opinion I had about the school was not the best. However, when I walked into this school and the English class that I was assigned my opinion changed completely.

     I experienced a warm welcome by some of the staff members of the school. Also, the students and my cooperating teacher. Mrs. S. welcomed me into her classroom of seniors, freshman and juniors very nicely. I remember the first thing that Mrs. S. said to me that day was: “don’t let “my” student scare you because they are full of dreams and they are very nice”.  This showed me immediately how much she cared about her students.  Also, as I walked into her class, I felt the room was very quiet and empty! Or I should say very white and without any decoration. I thought that was going to be a boring class where I was going to sit and just learn nothing! It made me think that probably students were not going to be very respectful about the class and I was not going to enjoy my next five weeks. Again, I was wrong! I was truly amazed when I witness the students as they walked into the class and they were greeting Mrs. S. asking her questions about the previous class and what they needed for their future homework. I found this very interesting because it made me feel that all of them, or almost all of them were engaged and they were showing her the rapport they maintain in her class.

     One of the best moments I had during this experience, is what I call the “aha moment”. This happened when I observed how the “white and boring classroom” I walked into that morning was transformed into a place where students felt confortable and in connection. The students knew that Mrs. S. maintains hand cream, candy, pens and other supplies in her desk and they all take them when they need anything. They are allowed to go in her desk and use what she keeps there.  This simple aspect of her classroom made me realized that students feel so comfortable in it, as if they were in their own house. Although, they did maintain the respect Mr. S. asks them for.

     Until this moment, I could not appreciate how something so simple could make a difference on a student’s life. When Mrs. S. explained to me how the classroom feels very dry during winter and they need hand cream, lotion or anything she can offer them to “wake them up” at 7:30 am, I finally understood why she had her classroom guidelines set up that way. This is the approach she likes to use to get the students ready for her class. Everything she had in the places she chose had a purpose for the students, but not for a visitor like me. Though, I was there for the first time with curious and careful observation, I was able to identify the great work and love Mrs. S. had put into this class; where “her” student and this little school community shares time for one hour and four days a week. This may sound like a lot of time, but when you need full attention from your students and provide individual attention to them, this time is precious and it flies so quick that when the bell rang and no one was ready to go all Mrs. S had to say is don’t forget to check your email!


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