My third time visiting the school I was assigned, I was very lucky to continue in the same classroom with Mrs. S. Every week has being very pleasant and I feel students now can identify me as part of their class and I can see who belongs to which class, who is a freshman, a junior or a senior. Also, I was able to identify different opportunities according to the students need. For example Mrs. S. always reviews assignments and essay first with those who are in her class but are considered in an advanced class of English, or with those who she knows were transferred from and ESL class to her English class and need an “extra” help. I believe this is very important for them because like Mrs. S. says to me all the time: “ I will be right back, because I need to take control of these two students or I will be having them navigating in the internet on things that will not help them with their writing; they really need extra time with me and I have to correct their work now or it will get worst” She really care about her students in every single aspect of their work and life. This class is not about teaching and talking; it is about advocate and educate her students. Love it!!!

     Mrs. S. does not have any other teacher in her class to help the students that have special needs or language difficulties; however, she is aware that they go to other classes because they need help to improve in different areas and she keeps that in mind when it comes help them with assignments.  Although, her students are considered equally knowledgeable in English, I can identify those students who are bilingual and need extra help for the English class. Mrs. S. assigns the same type of work to all of her students; she also expects the same level of work from everyone in her class. I did not see her grading them differently; on the contrary, she asks them to work all together and she will have the three classes I observed make a presentation for a “mini museum” that they will have from the Elizabethan era without any exception or any special assignment to anyone. She does provide more feed back to those in more need but she will not make them feel different in this class, or at least I did not see this happening at all!! I think this is important for the students as well because this way they don’t feel treated as if they have a “problem” or as “special” kids and will try the best to be at the same level of their classmates.

     I may not be an expert in education as a teacher yet; but I went to high school a few years ago, and at that age you want to “fuse” with the rest of the class. You always want to feel like a normal kid by your friends, but you wanted that extra help from your professors. Mrs. S. is really good at doing that, she is empathetic, she cares, she asks for more to those she knows are gifted and she pushes those who are in need. More than ever, I believe than an educator is more than a person “preaching” in front of a class. As an educator you need to have a heart for people, you need to know that you are there to built the foundation of our future and you are in a classroom to make the difference for those who parents will not make the difference. You as an educator have in your hands the future of someone who will be somebody or no body! We need to choose what kind of educator we want to be and what kind of students we want to have in our future! We need to decide today because tomorrow it will be too late for those who were in your class… I made my choice, what about you?


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