During this visit to my new cooperative teacher Mrs. M, I was able to observe a 6th grade classroom. I was fascinated for the energy involved in this class and the different methods of communication the teacher had with her students.


            Mrs. M is a language art teacher and she currently has her students on a 30-book marathon. She needs to have them read 30 books by the end of April and it started since February. Because of that, students need to carry the current book that they are reading with them at all the times.  When they walk into her classroom they need to sit in their assigned places and start reading it for the first ten minutes of her class while others are getting ready in their places.  If any of her students do not have their book and they are not reading anything she just needs to ask: “Where is your book?” and they will run to the books shelve and start reading it or they will grab it from their book bag. Students are very quiet during these first ten minutes waiting for Mrs. M to run the class; but they already know what she is waiting for while she stands at the door greeting all of them!

            I believe she does not have an intentional message for any students regarding to their ethnicity, religion or gender; she maintains a fair class with rules and directions to all of them regardless of their background. Mrs. M. physical presence in the classroom brings tranquility and direction to her students because she is not a strict or angry teacher, but she maintains a very organized class with proper directions.

            Also, the correspondence that the teacher maintains with her colleagues and parents is through emails and written documentation. Although the school is trying to go paperless during year 2013-2014 they still have written communication with students and parents because they are working on exploring this new way of communication by having parents and students enrolling on Facebook, emails and other online websites such as Genesis. This could possible end with written communication on a near future but meanwhile this seems like a smooth transition for all of them so far. With all of these changes I think that I can’t get enough of how much school system is changing and trending in an advanced and technologic way for our students’ future.



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