Assessments are one of the most important areas in education. It proves knowledge and understanding of any subject matter we want to provide to our students.  Many teachers have their own way and other teachers may drive their assessments base only on the standard curriculum. I believe that whatever is the way they want to do it, what’s important is that we make sure we follow up with those students who were not able to comprehend the lesson we have given them in order to help them be at the same level of their classmates.

I was able to observe a new cooperating teacher at a different school this time; her name is Mrs. M. I was able to analyze her informal evaluation and she likes to explore her students understanding by asking question during the lesson. Mrs. M. also likes walking around the class and reviews her students’ work. She had mentioned that she has talented students in her class and they are not placed in different classroom; therefore, she needs to push these kids a little harder in order to provide them the level they need for their capacity.

Also Mrs. M. has a formal grading where she daily is grading her students’ work base on the experience they are having. For example currently she is teaching them a persuasive lesson where at the end of the marking period students will be graded based on the New Jersey Scoring Rubric for essays writing, on a scales of 6 points. She mentioned that it is so important to use this rubric in order to feel you are providing them a fair grading, and even though she sometimes has to provide more homework for talented kids she keeps them on the same scale.

Homework is also part of grading at all the times; this is what Mrs. M. considers a reminder of what they have learned at school during the day and it helps them to think about questions that students may have and will bring the next day to prove knowledge and help them to improve their understanding.

            Now as a future educator I understand that for every situation our students have there will be a purpose, and therefore we need to look up for our students’ future. We need to think on every single aspect of our day to help them achieve their maximum and help them understand how they will do it. We with the necessary tools as educators we are building an army of educated, responsible and knowledgeable people for the future of our country. Not matter how much we may hate assessments that we have to review or we have to take, they help all of us to be better on what we do, let’s educate! 


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